Super Student

Olav Schewe

Universitetsforlaget 2014
Non Fiction / Psychology
42000 Words
Full English translation available

Product sheet (PDF)

9788215024141 web

Olav Schewe went from being an average student to a high school valedictorian and top of his class at the Univeristy of Oxford by using the techniques described in this book: A best selling book on study skills: reading, note taking and memorization.

The targeted readership is high school and university students. The book’s content is universal and not specific to any particular geography.

Part 1: LEARN EFFECTIVELY: Manage your time / Plan for success / Maximize classroom learning / Succeed in study groups / Take better notes / Remembering more from reading / Memorize facts with more ease

Part 2: PERFORM OPTIMALLY: Prepare well/ Conquer exams and written tests / Write better essays /Cruise through multiple choice tests

Part 3: THINK RIGHT: Increase your motivation / Set effective goals / Have more fun in your studying / Develop self-discipline / Form good habits / Manage stress

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Dansk Psykologisk Forlag, Denmark
Rizzoli, Italy
Tac, Japan
PTS, Malaysia
Xander, Netherlands
Writinghouse, South Korea
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