Stilton Literary Agency

Stilton Literary Agency is a ten year old company based in Oslo. We represent a list of highly successful Norwegian authors writing adult fiction and narrative non-fiction. Alongside promoting our more established authors, Stilton Literary Agency is actively looking for new voices.

Hans Petter Bakketeig, literary agent and owner

Leyla Körner Øier, literary agent

Theodor Bakketeig, assistant

Our co-agencies

  • Andrew Nurnberg Associates Baltic, Riga: Estonia, Ukraine, Latvia & Lithuania
  • Andrew Nurnberg Associates Sofia: Bulgaria & Serbia
  • Andrew Nurnberg Associates Budapest: Croatia & Hungary
  • Andrew Nurnberg Associates Prague: Czech Republic, Slovakia & Slovenia
  • Book/Lab, Warsaw, Poland
  • Chalberg & Sussman, New York: USA
  • Danny Hong Agency, Seoul: South Korea
  • Grayhawk Agency, Taipei: China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand
  • Japan Uni Agency, Tokyo: Japan
  • Kalem Agency, Istanbul: Turkey
  • Kessler Agency, Bucharest: Romania
  • La Nouvelle Agence, Paris: France and French-Canadian North America
  • Peters, Fraser & Dunlop, London: UK, BCW
  • Regal Hoffmann & Associates, New York: North America
  • Sandra Bruna Agencia Literaria, Barcelona: Spain, Catalonia, Portugal
  • The Italian Literary Agency, Milan: Italy
  • Tuttle-Mori Agency, Bangkok: Malaysia
  • Vikings of Brazil, Sao Paolo: Brazil