Sivertsen, aage1

Aage G. Sivertsen

Aage Georg Sivertsen has written 14 books. He trained as a historian and has worked for NRK for more than ten years as a documentary journalist.
Sivertsen’s most recent book is about chess genius Magnus Carlsen from Norway. The book has received critical acclaim. You can also find information about the author and some details about the book on the popular website See the article published on 1 January 2016:

Aage borchgrevink olav bakken (1)

Aage Storm Borchgrevink

Aage Storm Borchgrevink has worked as advisor at the Norwegian Helsinki Committee (NHC), a human rights committee, since 1992 with a special focus on Russia, the Balkans, Belarus and the Caucasus. His strong engagement has given him a unique network and personal relations to many who fight for — or who have died for — democracy and human rights in these regions. Borchgrevink has written both fiction and non-fiction books.

Aicha portrett

Aicha Bouhlou

Aicha Bouhlou loves to cook! She was born in Morocco, grew up in Germany and is living Bergen. For large parts of her adult life, she has worked with art communication and has run a gallery in Bergen. In 2012 she closed her art gallery and started with photography and took pictures of the food she cooked every day. The photos were first shared on Instagram, and received an overwhelming response. In December 2015, she started the blog: Aicha’s food which eentually led to the publication of her first book called AICHA’S KITCHENfollowed by GREEN DISHES and MOSTLY GREEN.

Aicha’s food is inspired by her multicultural background and her love for vegetables. Aicha makes simple everyday food with ingredients you can easily get your hands on!

Foto aksel lund svindal photocred kjetil s. andersen

Aksel Lund Svindal

Aksel Lund Svindal is a Norwegian former World Cup alpine ski racer. Svindal is a two-time overall World Cup champion (2007 and 2009), an Olympic gold medalist in super-G at the 2010 Winter Olympics and in downhill at the 2018 Winter Olympics, and a five-time World Champion in downhill, giant slalom, and super combined (2007 Åre, 2009 Val-d’Isère, 2011 Garmisch, and 2013 Schladming). With his victory in the downhill in 2013, Svindal became the first male alpine racer to win titles in four consecutive world championships. With his successes many consider him the best Norwegian alpine skier ever.

Alan sealy

Alan Sealy

Alan Sealy is a manual therapist and specialist in clinical physiotherapy with vertigo and balance as special fields. He previously lived for 5 years in Oslo and built up Scandinavia’s largest balance clinic, before moving back to Scotland.

He now runs the clinics In Balance Physiotherapy and Aberdeen Balance Clinic. Patients from all over Europe come to the clinics to be examined and treated for their vertigo complaints.

Lennart anders

Anders Aasen Berget and Lennart Krohn-Hansen

The authors are both experienced physical therapists, international course instructors and bestselling authors of four health and fitness books.

Andrea bræin hovig forfatter 395 – liten

Andrea Bræin Hovig

Andrea Bræin Hovig, is both a writer, musician and actor. Being an author, she has written four children’s and youth titles, and as an actress she has won several awards. During spring of 2022, she performed in Ibsen plays in London.

Tjernshaugen, andreas nytt foto katrine gramnæs

Andreas Tjernshaugen

Andreas Tjernshaugen is the author of seven books, most recently Insects in my Garden (2023). Topics for his previous books range from the history of whaling to the behavior of common garden birds.

Sund ane

Ane Sund og Ida Gravdal

Ane Sund has two children and is a trained childcare worker. She has always been interested in hand crafting, and in 2011 she won a competition for handmade design. Together with Kristin Thorsnes she has published a book about sewing clothes for children.

Ida Gravdal lives in Sørum with Ane Sund and her two children. Ida and Ane sew under the name Jubel & Baluba.

Røyne, anja (c) sturlason

Anja Røyne

Anja Røyne is a scientist and lecturer at the Institute of Physics, University of Oslo. She is a physicist with a background in solar energy, but has in the last 15 years researched geological and geo-chemical processes and is now researching how materials can be created with biotechnology. In addition she runs her own science blog, and often contributes in pop. science radio programmes on radio and in newspapers.

Annelene johnsen 7723

AnneLene Johnsen

AnneLene Johnsen is the math whiz who solved math problems in her spare time just for fun. Today the former Mensa president is a known columnist within mental health and educational aspects, has authored several mind gym books, and spend most of her career teaching and writing about what it takes to make our minds work most efficiently – including having testet her skills as a high school math teacher.

Anne lene og elin 90 2

AnneLene Johnsen og Elin Natås

AnneLene Johnsen and Elin Natås have for a long time reaped great recognition for their work to help children and youths better understand math. The method focuses on the basic building blocks every child needs to master to be prepared for learning math.

Anne liehlbförlagfärg

Anne-Lie Högberg

ANNE-LIE HÖGBERG is a Swedish author. She lives with her husband near Stockholm and is a mother of five. She has so far written six books and is writing on her seventh. All of her books are inspired by real events. When Anne-Lie is not writing books, she works as a financial manager and takes care of her large family.

Sundboe annemor

Annemor Sundbø

Annemor Sundbø (b. 1949) is from Kristiansand, and has run her own business at Ose in Setesdal since 1993. She is a textile designer and specialist teacher in weaving and drawing, and graduated from the National College for Handicrafts and Design in Bergen and the Oslo Teacher Training College for Arts and Crafts. The author is the recipient of a government arts grant, and has been awarded the King’s Medal of Merit (2013), the Norwegian Folk Art and Craft Association’s Medal of Merit for the preservation and continuance of cultural heritage at home and abroad (2004), the Aust-Agder Municipality Culture Prize (1999), the Vest-Agder Municipality Culture Prize (2015), the Bygland Municipality Culture Prize (2004), the Kristiansand Municipality Culture Prize (2017) and the Southern Norway Literature Prize (2006).

Anne skog 12

Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson

Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson is a professor at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) in Ås, Norway, as well as a scientific advisor for The Norwegian Institute for Nature Research NINA. She has a Doctorate degree in conservation biology and lectures on nature management and forest biodiversity. Her research focuses on insect ecology.
Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson has been appointed Honorary Doctor of Forest Sciences at the Faculty of Forest Sciences at SLU in Sweden.
In recent years, she has written five books about insects and nature. These critically acclaimed books have been translated into more than 25 languages and are sold all over the world.
In addition she has studied history and is interested in outreach activities, runs a science blog and is a regular guest on the popular science radio program EKKO — Abel’s Tower on NRK P2.
In 2020, she received the Award for Excellence in Communication of Science from The Research Council of Norway.



A.N.P. is 21 years old. She lives in Oslo.


Are Kalvø

Are Kalvø is one of Norway’s leading comedians and satire makers. He’s been doing stand-up for over twenty five years. He’s also made musicals, revues, an opera and eleven books about different themes such as religion, politics, football, vacationing and time usage. This has given him a large audience, lots of praise, many prizes and a bit of scolding. He often writes about things he doesn’t know all that well. This is the first time he writes about something he doesn’t understand.

Stavrum, arild (c) sturlason

Arild Stavrum

ARILD STAVRUM is an author, teacher and former professional football player. He has written several books, fiction and non-fiction: 31 år på gress (2008), Golden Boys (2012), En sommer med fotball (2013), Maradonas mål (2014), Maradonas moral (2015) og Maradonas magi (2016). He has further been an expert tv-commentator for both NRK and TV 2.

Dsc 6381

Arne Egil Tønset

Arne Egil Tønset is a journalist living in Tromsø, Norway. He has worked for local and national newspapers and now works as a news anchor for NRK. In 2004 he received NRK’s journalism prize for his coverage of the Beslan school siege and the Orange Revolution in Ukraine. He has previously written RUSSLAND I FARGER (RUSSIA IN COLOR) (2010), a personal account of his travels and stays in Russia. BARENTS PORTRAITS (2013) was a book of reportage from travels in all four countries of the Barents region.

Jaklin002 small cropped

Asbjørn Jaklin

Asbjørn Jaklin (b. 1956) is a bestselling, highly acknowledged non-fiction author from Norway. During the last decade he has specialized on war- and postwar history, stories with a strong narrative drive and a thorough and reliable research. His previous publications include titles such as “A history of Northern Norway”, “The Northern Front”, “Ice Front. The cold war in the north”. His books have been translated into several languages. For “The Northern Front” he gained a nomination to the Brage Prize for best Norwegian non-fiction book in 2006.

Audun myskja portrett på omslag 573x860

Audun Myskja

Audun Myskja is a doctor by profession, but he has always known that medical science cannot explain everything.

He has witnessed many instances that indicate the existence of health-giving powers other than medical ones.

Author fallback

Bente Josefsen

Bente Josefsen is educated in addiction medicine, specialization in sugar addiction. She is the only one in Norway with this background, offering assistance to people with sugar addiction. In addition to being a trained sugar addiction therapist, she is also educated in work-oriented rehabilitation as well as a wellness consultant and communicator.

Nordstrand berit

Berit Nordstrand

Berit is a physician specialized in clinical pharmacology and a cognitive therapist. She is the mother of six children ages 8 to 24 and has spent 24 years immersing herself in medical research on the relationship between food and health. Berit is known for her inspiring lectures and her infectious passion for the idea that everyone should get to enjoy the food they eat while also minimizing their risk of lifestyle diseases. Berit Nordstrand has sold approximately 150,000 books in Norway.

Portrettfoto britbildøen oktober2019 sh cropped

Brit Bildøen

Brit Bildøen (b. 1962) is one of Norway’s most beloved and well acclaimed authors.
She was born in Ålesund, grew up on the island Aukra in Møre og Romsdal and made her literary debut in 1991.
Bildøen now lives in Oslo.

Photo smil

Camilla Dingsøyr

Camilla Dingsøyr is a designer and owner of the knitwear factory, Lôkal Oslo, at Grünerløkka. Lôkal delivers knitwear patterns to magazines such as Kamille, Kamille Idéer, KK og Maries Ideer (Denmark).

Skjermbilde 2016 04 27 kl 19 41 11 768x1051

Cecilie Melli

Cecilie Melli is a graduate from the international fashion school Esmod in Paris and Oslo. In 2004, she started up her own fashion brand, which she ran for 15 years. Today, she still designs wedding dresses, but on a smaller scale. She also has her own jewelry brand.

Chris felt (c) owen behan hoy

Chris Felt

Chris Felt is a writer, producer, and musician from Norway. He grew up on a small island outside the capital and has worked as a journalist and Editor-in-chief at NATT&DAG, Norway’s equivalent of VICE magazine. He resides in Mexico City, where he is finishing his first novel, after embarking on a motorcycle journey through North America.

Mjaaset c photo13sept2019

Christer Mjåset

Christer Mjåset (M.D.) is a Norwegian neurosurgeon, lecturer, columnist and a prominent voice in Norway’s health policy debate. He was recently responsible for implementing the international Choosing Wisely campaign in his home country addressing unnecessary treatment variation and over-treatment in modern societies. His TED-talk on how you as a patient can help deal with over-treatment has been widely celebrated ( .


Christina Gjertsen

CHRISTINA GJERTSEN is a knitting designer and photographer, and runs the website and Instagram profile @slowknitwear. She grew up in Finnmark,in the northerns part of Norway and has roots in both Kven and Sami culture.

Erik bertrand larssen

Erik Bertrand Larssen

When athletes fail. When managers struggle. When actors get stage fright. This is the man they call. Erik Bertrand Larssen (b. 1973) is Norway’s bestselling non-fiction author.

Sørheim, erle sh

Erle Marie Sørheim

Erle Marie Sørheim works as journalist and literary critic in Dagbladet. She has lived in Berlin since 2007. She has written a travel guide to Berlin.

Erling kagge

Erling Kagge

Erling Kagge is a Norwegian explorer, author, publisher, art collector and father to three girls. He was the first in history to reach the “three poles” — North, South and the summit of Everest.

Espen hammer celina oier 3

Espen Hammer

Espen Hammer is professor of philosophy at Temple University, Philadelphia. He has lived more than 20 years in USA — in New York and Philadelphia. He has published three books in Norwegian: Theodor Adorno (Gyldendal 2002); Det indre mørke: et essay om melankoli (Universitetsforlaget 2004); Anstendighet og revolt: noen betraktninger omkring Dag Solstads forfatterskap (Oktober Forlag 2011). He has published the following academic books: Stanley Cavell: Skepticism, Subjectivity and the Ordinary (Routledge 2006); Philosophy and Temporality from Kant to Critical Theory (Routledge 2018); Adorno’s Modernism: Art, Experience and Catastrophe (Cambridge University Press 2015).

Espen portrett kagge sturlason (002)

Espen Holm

Espen Holm works as a storyteller and fiction writer. He was born during the uprising in Berlin in June 1953. He grew up in Oslo. Three years old he managed to escape from his kindergarten. The police found him late at night. Since then he has been out there, searching for solutions. As he puts it: “If what you do, doesn’t work, try something else.”

Fedon036 portrett hvit skjorte

Fedon Lindberg

Dr. Fedon Alexander Lindberg was born in Greece where he learned to appreciate the good things in life. A genetic propensity to diabetes in his family led him to become a specialist in internal medicine and endocrine disorders. Today he runs a hugely successful clinic in Oslo offering patients multidisciplinary treatment for these degenerative disorders, how to change their lifestyle so they can control weight and improve overall health and well being.

Farstad brevik frida

Frida Farstad Brevik, Siri Hoftun and Trude Melhus Rognstad

Frida Farstad Brevik was born in 1983. She grew up in Molde, and currently lives there with her husband and two young children. Her educational background is in political science and social geography, and she holds a master’s degree in law. She works as a lawyer within government administration.

Siri Hoftun was born in 1980. She grew up in Sauda, but now lives in Trondheim with her partner and four children. She is a qualified psychologist in the public health system, and also gives lectures about diabetes and psychology. She has previously contributed to the book Knitting for Mum and Me.

Trude Melhus Rognstad was born in 1982 in Trondheim, but currently lives in Oslo with her husband and three daughters. Trude is a qualified psychologist, and now works at an easy-access service run by the local municipality.

Frida vennerod diesen

Frida Felicia Vennerød-Diesen

Frida Felicia Vennerød-Diesen has a master’s degree in developmental psychology and a doctorate in the development of taste in young children. She herself is a mother of two and is passionate about sharing knowledge about children and taste with other parents in a way that is easy to understand. In 2018 she won silver in Forsker Grand Prix, the national competition for communication about research.

Gleichmann 0981retd

Gabi Gleichmann

Gabi Gleichmann is an author and publisher. His first novel, UDØDELIGHETENS ELIXIR, was nominated to the Norwegian Booksellers’ Prize in 2012, and is translated to 16 languages. The book was also awarded the french literature prize Prix Alberto-Benveniste 2015 for the best novel published in France with a jewish theme.

Lundestad, geir

Geir Lundestad

Geir Lundestad was director of the Norwegian Nobel Institute and Secretary of the Norwegian Nobel Committee (which awards the Nobel Peace Prize) 1990—2014. He has written two books in Norwegian about the Nobel Peace Prize, the first frank and open accounts about the Peace Prize written by a Nobel insider. Lundestad is one of Norway’s leading historians of international history. He has published numerous books in English with Oxford University Press and other international reputable publishers on the Cold War and on American-European relations since 1945.

Pollen geir

Geir Pollen

Discerning stylist with a distinctive place in Norwegian prose writing
Geir Pollen debuted in 1982 with the poetry collection Posteringar i språket (Postings in the Language) and has since published several poetry collections, novels, and nonfiction books. His novel Hutchinsons Eftf. (Hutchinson’s Successor) was nominated for the Brage Prize and the Nordic Council Literature Prize and has been translated into several languages. Geir Pollen won the Norwegian Critics Prize for Literature in 2005 for his translation of W.G. Sebald’s novel Austerlitz. Geir Pollen was born in 1953 in Målselv, Norway, and currently lives in Oslo.

D adobergb fotograf anna nygård

Hanna Blixt

Hanna Blixt is a best-selling Swedish author. Hanna´s first novel, Glass Veranda by the Lake, was published by Historiska Media, in 2020, a gripping, heartwarming, romantic, and humorous story. This is the first book of three in the Feelgood series about Nora and Viktor. The second book in the series, The Gallery by the lake was launched in May 2021 and has been very well recieved by critics and readers. As with The Glass Veranda by the Lake, it went straight to the top of the best seller lists. The third title in the series, Balcony with an Ocean View,was be published in spring 2022 and Hanna Blixt was awarded with the Adlibris Feelgood award 2022, for this title.

Copyright benjamin a. ward beskåret

Hanna Nyborg Støstad

Hanna Nyborg Støstad works in Friends of the Earth Norway and has a PhD in evolutionary biology from Natural History Museum in Oslo and a masters degree in ecology from England.

Brorson hanne h  foto janne lindgren

Hanne H. Brorson

Educated as a clinical psychologist at the University of Oslo (2002-2008)

Worked with psychosis treatment (2008-2010), and addiction treatment at Oslo University Hospital (2010-2011).

Moben 20190214 moben 20190214  52a8020

Hanne Kristin Rohde

Hanne Kristin Rohde is Norway’s most frequently profiled police official. Her crime fiction series about chief inspector Wilma Lind has sold more than 300.000 copies in total, and her novels rank high on the best seller list.

Author fallback

Hanne-Lene Dahlgren

Hanne-Lene Dahlgren made her debut as a cookbook author with The Super Tasty Cookbook. As a mother of toddlers she focuses on simple, nutritious and tasty meat-free meals, that offer plenty of eating enjoyment and a variety of colour. Her mantra is that any food lover can also love eating meat-free.

Helena enger

Helena Enger

Helena Enger is a doctor and specialist in gynecology and obstetrics. She has worked in gynecological/maternity wards in Ålesund, Oslo University Hospital Ullevål and Bærum Hospital before starting at Volvat Medical Center in Oslo in 2005. There she has continued to specialize in menopause-related ailments and their treatment.

Ida marie aamot storbakken

Ida Marie Aamot Storbakken

Ida Marie is a trained chef and and sociologist and she runs the popular food blog and Instagram account Ida Maries mat.
She loves to teach and inspire others to cook tasty and good, homemade food,

Ida wirak trettevik 030921 ida9952

Ida Wirak Trettevik

Ida Wirak Trettevik has been making knitting patterns under her own brand, Witre Design, since 2018. The patterns are sold from her webpage,, and she markets Witre Design through Instagram, @witredesign, and with tutorials on YouTube. She had her debut as an author with her first knitting book, «En strikkers år», in 2020. Her second book «Strikk med Witre Design» will be out in 2022. Ida lives in Oslo, and works today full time as a designer making knitwear and knitting pattern

Ina janine johnsen

Ina Janine Johnsen

As a trained chef, she has spent more than 10 years sharing recipes that are beloved by many on her blog Mat på Bordet. She has written several bestselling cookbooks, in addition to inspiring over 100,000 followers daily on Instagram.
Ina-Janine was born in Germany and has lived in Canada, the US, Switzerland, and the UK, but now lives in Oslo, Norway.
In addition to being a chef, Ina-Janine is also a licensed interior architect.

Marit og ingerid

Ingerid Stenvold and Marit Bjørgen

Ingerid Stenvold is one of NRK’s most popular news anchors.
She has hosted several major broadcasts and is an anchor on the daily news program Dagsrevyen.

Marit Bjørgen is a Norwegian cross-country skier, the most decorated athlete in her sport of all time, regardless of gender, with 41 medals in the Olympics and World Championships. From 2002 to 2018, she won 15 medals in the Olympics and 26 in the World Championships, of which 26 were gold and 17 were in individual events.

Hobbelstad, inger marie beskåret

Inger Merete Hobbelstad

Inger Merete Hobbelstad is a journalist. She works as a commentator and critic in Dagbladet. In 2016 she wrote Living with Shakespeare (Tiden Forlag).

Bilde ingrid & ingrid

Ingrid Vik Lysne and Ingrid Bergtun

Ingrid Vik Lysne and Ingrid Bergtun teach people to sew, redesign and repair. They have sewing courses and lectures on sewing and reuse all over the country and post patterns on Youtube and Instagram. Together they hold the annual sewing competition SkandinaviaSyr, and previously they have participated in the Sewing Championship on NRK. Ingrid and Ingrid have a total of over 200,000 followers on social media. On Instagram: @ingridviklysne and @ingridbergtunsyr

Ingunn birkeland ib3d

Ingunn Birkeland

Ingunn Birkeland is a designer from Oslo who is known for her unique, colorful interlacement patterns. She has a very special flair for combining colors, lines, shapes and materials.
She is a trained clothing designer from the Norwegian School of Crafts and Design (today KHiO). After completing her master’s degree (MA) at the Department of Clothing and Costumes in 2005, she established the brand INGUNN BIRKELAND OSLO (IBO). Since then, she has explored several media in addition to clothing, shoes, jewelry and bags, such as art performance, installations and visual art. She is known for her characteristic braids and grid patterns, in a carefully composed and balanced color palette. Her grid pattern has also been used In the rugs she has designed for Røros Tweed. Her artistic work is characterized by rich, detailed showpieces and red carpet dresses, made with time-consuming craft techniques. Several personalities from Norwegian cultural life have chosen IBO for public events.

Author fallback

Jan Ivar Nykvist

Jan Ivar Nykvist is a trained chef, food stylist, author and four-time Norwegian barbecue champion.

Cravings is his fourth cookbook. He runs Oktopus Studio together with photographer Mats Dreyer, who has taken the photos for this book.

Ekeberg jan ove foto julie pike

Jan Ove Ekeberg

Jan Ove Ekeberg (b. 1954) has a background being a journalist and head of Norwegian TV 2 Financial News. Today he is a full time author. Ekeberg’s debut was a biography on former PM, Gro Harlem Brundtland (1996). Since then Ekeberg has written several non-fiction books, children’s books and novels. Ekeberg reached a large audience with his first historical suspense series IN TIMES OF SWORDS (2011-2013), set in the 12th century.

Dsc 5428 3 scaled

Johanne S. Refseth

Johann S.Refseth, is a trained psychologist and she graduated in 2011. She is currently in the process of completing her specialist training in social and general psychology with specialization in guidance for other professional groups.

She has also delved into the therapy method called emotion-focused dynamic therapy (better known as ISTDP). In connection with this, she has worked for a year with Allan Abbass, one of the best-known researchers and clinicians in the area. She still works with Abbass as a supervisor.

Halvorsen, jon anders web (c) sturlason

Jon Anders Halvorsen

M.D., PhD, associate professor in Dermatology, University of Oslo.

Rashidi kaveh

Kahve Rashidi and Jonas Kinge Bergland

Both authors are doctors and experienced writers. Kaveh Rashidi is a regular columnist in The Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association and a panellist on the TV2 programme Health Check-Up. Jonas Kinge Bergland is one of Norway’s foremost stand-up comedians and winner of the Komiprisen in 2017.

Nordengen, kaja krediteres foto sturlason

Kaja Nordengen

Ph.d. Kaja Nordengen (b.1987) is a physician specialising in neurology at Akershus University Hospital. She also teaches at University of Oslo. She wrote her Ph.d. in 2014 on: “The localization and function of NAA, NAAG and their derivatives in the brain.” Nordengen has always been fascinated by how the brain functions.
Please watch her TED Talk, “Invented reality”: https: //

Thorsen k e cropped2

Karen Elene Thorsen

Karen Elene Thorsen (b.1998) is a student. She serves her 160.000 Insta-followers with new, smart advices. She is passtionate about varied and healthy food. Fattig Student is her first book. The book went straight to number one on the best seller list. It now has a total print run of 45 000 copies after a month in the book shops.

Sek person scid 25475

Kari Hestnes

Kari Hestnes has worked with knitwear design since the mid-1980s and has published a number of books on knitting. In 1998, she established the wholesale company Du Store Alpakka together with her husband Per Svendsen, where they introduced alpaca to the Norwegian knitting market. The company was sold in 2012, and since then Kari has sold her colourful designs via her own website,

Karine strand andresen

Karine Strand Andresen

Karine Strand Andresen (b. 1984) knits for her four children, and is a digital designer at an advertising agency. She started developing her own knitting patterns when she was expecting her fourth child. Her Instagram handle is Karine Strand Andresen also runs the online store, where she sells her knitting patterns.

Aspaas kathrine croped

Kathrine Aspaas

Kathrine Aspaas is the author of the bestselling book «The Age of Generosity». She is a journalist and economist with 22 years of experience as financial journalist — seven years as columnist and editorial writer in Norway’s largest newspaper, Aftenposten.


Knut Lerhol and Hallgrim Børhus Rogn

Knut Lerhol studied history and political science at NTNU, works as a teacher, and actively uses the sauna in his teaching.

Hallgrim Børhus Rogn has a journalism degree from Volda University College, married into North Swedish sauna culture, and uses the sauna every Sunday.

Sek person scid 12483

Knut Lindh

Knut Lindh (b. 1951) entered the stage of Norwegian crime novelists in 2009 with the prize winning novel «Dead man rises» (Når den døde våkner). The year after he published a second crime novel with police sergeant Ulf Larsen at Follo Police Station and the female TV-journalist Vibeke Holt. The second novel was called «Brothers in blood» (Blodsbrødre). Lindh aims to write a series with his main characters, two interesting people who both female and male readers easily relate to. His third novel is due to be published early autumn 2012 in Norway.

Thorsnes kristin

Kristin Thorsnes

Kristin Thorsnes is a trained hairdresser and makeup artist. Kristin has been creative all her life, and she has experienced most of the genres in the hobby branch.

Visit her blog:

Sek person scid 46377.jpg

Kristin Vaag and Oda Stormoen

Kristin Vaag is a self-taught sewing enthusiast with a love of needlecraft and sustainable fashion. She is a former participant in the Sewing Championship television series on NRK, and shares her commitment to sewing through social media, lectures and courses. In 2020, she started the brand Flid together with Oda Stormoen, where they design and sell sewing patterns, and have a passion for inspiring others to start sewing. She has a degree in public relations and communication management from BI Norwegian Business School.

Oda Stormoen is educated as a Project Manager in the arts and creative industries. In 2020, she started Flid together with Kristin Vaag, with the goal of conveying the joy of sewing, craftsmanship and inspiring fashion to a broader audience.

Oedegaard kristin wiola

Kristin Wiola Ødegård

Kristin Wiola Ødegård is a self-taught designer. She works at Tjorven Garn in Oslo, and has supplied designs to yarn manufacturers and magazines for many years. In 2007 she was a participant on the ‘New Designers’ television show, which aired on TV3.

Lars lenth 8a

Lars Lenth

Lars Lenth (b. 1966) is Norway’s undisputed number one when it comes to fly fishing for trout. His literary debut came with the novel The same river in 2007, a fly fishing novel. Since his second novel, The Norwegian Patient, he has used the sequel characters the lawyer Leonard Vangen and the criminal Rino Gulliksen. Two literary characters who readers have grown fond of.

Profil 2 2

Lasse Lønnebotn

Lasse Lønnebotn is a political scientist and journalist. He has worked for such outlets as VG and Dagbladet Magasinet. He is a passionate sports fan. He wrote the book En halv meter lavere, et hode høyere (Half a Meter Shorter, a Head Taller), published by Vigmostad og Bjørke in 2018, about the soccer player Martin Bakkejord Skolbekken who was severely injured in an earthquake on the Greek island of Kos.

Hansen linda

Linda Hansen og Charlott Pettersen

Linda Hansen var medeier og medansvarlig i Ministrikk fra starten i 2014. Hun er utdannet grafisk designer ved Norwich University of the Arts i Storbritannia, og har jobbet som seniordesigner i Strømme Throndsen Design siden 2006, og i Design House siden 2016. Ministrikk − Den første dansen er hennes første utgivelse.


Line Sloper Svanevik

Line Sloper-Svanevik is a hypnobirthing and pregnancy yoga teacher who brought hypnobirthing to Norway in 2019. Her mission is to revolutionise the way women prepare for birth, by empowering them to take ownership of their birth experience. She wants all pregnant women to be informed and supported, as well as mentally and emotionally prepared for the biggest day of their life. Line is also a former journalist.

Photo skinnes cropped

Live Skinnes

Live Skinnes is a farmgirl from Krødsherad who is very active on her blog She is currently writing her first book for Kagge Forlag (Norway) with the release date set for this fall.

Krediteres øystein hermstad

Mads Gilbert

Mads Gilbert is the Medical Director of the Clinic of Emergency Medicine at the University Hospital of North Norway and a professor at the University of Tromsø (UiT), the Arctic University of Norway. In addition to his work in Norway, since the 1980s he has been heavily involved in medical solidarity work around the world, carrying out training programmes and helping war wounded patients in Burma, Angola, Afghanistan, Cambodia and Lebanon, among other places.

Braaten magnus

Magnus Braaten and Kenneth Fossheim

Magnus Braaten holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Oslo and Akershus University College, and currently works as a reporter for TV2. The Lørenskog Mystery is his first book.

Kenneth Fossheim (born 1991) holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Oslo and Akershus University College, and currently works as a reporter for TV2. The Lørenskog Mystery is his first book.


Margit Walsø

Margit Walsø (b. 1968) had her literary debut in 2007 with the historical novel “Dear Voltaire”, about the French mathematician Emilie du Chatelet and her passionate relation with Voltaire. Today Margit Walsø is director of NORLA, Norwegian Literature Abroad. She lives in Oslo with her husband and two daughters.

Maria osthassel3

Maria Abrahamsen

Maria Abrahamsen (Østhassel) is the psychologist behind the popular social media account @psyktdeg, where she educates and discusses various topics within mental health with an accessible and humorous style. Maria started the account during the pandemic with the aim of reaching young people with tips and advice for taking care of their own mental health. This work won her the prestigious Åse Gruda Skard Prize in 2020. The prize is awarded to one or more psychologists who help make psychological knowledge

Bjerkman marianne jansson

Marianne Jansson Bjerkman

Marianne Jansson Bjerkman was born and grew up in Fredrikstad before she moved to Halden, where she now lives with her husband Morgan and their two sons. She holds a master’s degree in food science, and currently works as a product developer. As a knitter, she is perhaps best known for being the woman behind the aliases @knitsandpieces on Instagram and Marianne J. Bjerkman on In recent years she has published many knitting patterns digitally, including her popular ‘snow leaf’ pattern.


Marie Thrane

Marie Thrane has a bachelor’s degree in Lifestyle Change and Public Health and a master’s degree in Public Health Science. She wrote her master’s thesis on attitudes towards a sustainable diet – and how they have changed in the last 10 years. Besides being an adviser at Høsykolen Kristiania , she is a food enthusiast on her instagram account @middagfor25kr

Mari melilot alt 2 2021 c signe fuglesteg luksengard

Mari Melilot

Mari Melilot is educated as a clothing designer and has previously published several books. She designs and publishes sewing patterns on her website, and has over ten years of experience as an instructor with her own sewing courses. She is also active on Instagram @marimelilot, where she shares sewing tips, tutorials and thoughts on body and mental health.

Marit kolby

Marit Kolby

Marit Kolby has a bachelor’s degree in food science and a master’s degree in nutrition biology, and works as a university lecturer and researcher at Oslo Nye Høyskole. She is a tireless communicator of new nutrition knowledge through scientific journals, newspapers and websites, podcasts and other social media, and has established herself as an outspoken and innovative voice in the public nutrition debate in Norway.

Marit og hanne

Marit Kolby og Hanne Fisher

Marit Kolby has a bachelor’s degree in food science and a master’s degree in nutrition biology, and works as a university lecturer and researcher at Oslo Nye Høyskole. She is the author behind the successful bestselling title What and when should we eat?

Hanne Fisher is a specialist in psychology and works in an interdisciplinary team in mental health care. She was educated in England, where she completed a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (DClinPsy). The area of specialization was health psychology and the condition chronic fatigue syndrome, and she is concerned with the connection between nutrition, mental and physical health.

Pettersen marius nergaard

Marius Nergård Pettersen

Marius Nergård Pettersen is an author, photographer and public speaker. He works with nature and the outdoors, writes for newspapers and magazines, and has published a number of books. He has won the Helge Ingstad Award and the Specialist Press Organisation’s Photographic Award for his work. Marius himself grew up hiking from cabin to cabin.

Namnlöst 2

Marte Helgetun

Norwegian knitting designer with a sense of the classic, timeless and user-friendly!
Marte Helgetun has played with yarn and knitting needles all her life, and shares her patterns through the company Design by Marte Helgetun. She has previously worked as a web designer, and now has the knitting blog and online store

Marte Helgetun has previously published the book “In all simplicity”, a book with knitting patterns for kindergarten children.

Marte helgetun

Marte Helgetun

Marte Helgetun shares her patterns via her own company Design by Marte Helgetun. She has worked as a web designer, and now she runs the knitting blog and net shop

Marte michelet

Marte Michelet

Marte Michelet is a journalist and author.
The Ultimate Crime,bout the extermination of the Jews in Norway, is her first book and was published In 2014., The same year, the author was awarded with the Brage Prize for best Non Fiction title..

Landsem, marthe (c) sturlason

Marthe Landsem

Marthe Landsem is a freelance online journalist. She also runs courses and motivates both older and as well as new beginners on the internet. She believes that we should focus on what we are for rather than what we are against, and cheer the wonders in our daily life.

Martin aas 2

Martin Aas

Martin Aas has worked as illustrator, journalist, videographer and animation maker. His first book was published in 2018 where he was co-author and illustrator to the comic encyclopedic work Norwegian Standards. The Coolest Stuff from the Viking Age was published in 2022 and shortlisted for the Brage Prize for best non fiction book for young readers. The jury wrote: “The Coolest Stuff from the Viking Age is a fun illustrated non fiction-book for children where the enlightening and entertaining parts strengthen and support each other.”

Max manus ukpd

Max Manus

Max Manus (1914 – 1996) was a Norwegian resistance fighter in Kompani Linge during WWII. He is one of the few who has been awarded Norway’s highest ranked award, the War Cross with two swords. The author has also written several autobiographical books. This is his only novel.


Monika Steinholm

Monika Steinholm has written a number of critically acclaimed books for children and young people. When she’s not writing she works at Ark Book Store. She has an author’s degree from the University of Tromsø and was nominated for the Uprisen and NBU’s Trollkrittet for her debut book Fuck verden. Monika Steinholm is lives in northern Norway, in Tromsø.


Monika Steinholm og Tonje-Mari Clausen

Monika Steinholm has written a number of critically acclaimed books for children and young readers.
She has an author’s degree from the University of Tromsø and was nominated for the Uprisen and NBU’s Trollkrittet for her debut book Fuck verden.

Tonje-Mari Clausen is a Norwegian draftsman and illustrator. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of Aberystwyth, Wales.

Herz nancy

Nancy Herz

Award-winning campaigner on social issues.
Nancy Herz is a Norwegian-Lebanese writer, public speaker, and human rights activist. Herz grew up in Haugesund, but lives in Oslo and is currently studying for a master’s degree in sociology at the University of Oslo. Alongside Amina Bile and Sofia Srour, Herz started the movement known in the media as “the Shameless Girls”, which set about putting negative social control and the fight against shame and cultures of honour on the agenda. They have received the Shameless Award (2016) and the Fritt Ord Tribute (2017) for their work.

Nils henrik smith

Nils Henrik Smith

NILS HENRIK SMITH is a winner of the Tarjei Vesaas’ prize for first-time authors and was named one of Norway’s ten most promising authors by the country’s cultural weekly, Morgenbladet, in 2015. He has written about soccer for both JOSIMAR football magazine and the Norwegian Broadcasting Company. He was also handpicked to be among the authors on NORLA’s UNGE STEMMER (Young Voices) programme.

Nina granlund sæther

Nina Granlund Sæther

Nina Granlund Sæther (b. 1960) learned to knit when she was five years old, and since then she has been passionate about needlework and textiles. She is a graduate of Rogaland District University College and the Norwegian Teacher Training College in shaping Oslo. She has worked as a teacher in high school and as a journalist and editor in Norsk Husflid. Since 2001, she has been the editor of Hus & Bolig. Sæther has written a number of books.

Hauge, odd harald2014

Odd Harald Hauge

Odd Harald Hauge is an adventurer, an entrepreneur and an author. He has worked as a business journalist in Norway for many years and has also been chief editor for the business section of Aftenposten. Hauge has also worked as a stockbroker for some years.

Img 2253 tveitportrett alternativa

Odd Karsten Tveit

“Of all Middle East Correspondents, Odd Karsten Tveit is uniquely qualified — as both journalist and historian — to report on the tragedy of a war whose roots lie deep in the history of colonialism, nationalism and Islam” writes The Independent-journalist and author Robert Fisk

Olav2 cropped v2

Olav Schewe & Barbara Oakley

Barbara Oakley, PhD, PE is a Professor of Engineering at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan; she is also Coursera’s inaugural “Innovation Instructor.” She is a Fellow of the American Institute of Biological and Medical Engineers and the Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers. She holds a PhD in Systems Engineering from Oakland University (1998).
Olav Schewe is the founder and CEO of Educas, an educational technology startup based in Oslo, Norway, that develops solutions to help students learn how to learn. He is also an educational consultant and special advisor to one of the world’s largest educational technology companies, Kahoot with more than 1 billion users worldwide. Olav holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration with Distinction from The University of Oxford Saïd Business School (2014) and Bachelors’ degrees from The Norwegian School of Economics and The University of California, Berkeley (2010).

Img 1425 ole ghhefee9oi

Ole Mathismoen

Ole Mathismoen is Norway’s foremost environmental and climate journalist, and the author of several books on environmental protection. His titles What’s the big deal about climate?(2007) and Green things: about nature and the environment and stuff (2018) were both nominated for the Brage prize. Mathismoen has also been awarded the Bergesen prize.

Øystein morten

Øystein Morten

Øystein Morten, historian and author, has written several highly acclaimed non fiction books, such as Jakten på Olav den Hellige (The Search for Olav the Holy) and Jakten på Olav Tryggvason (The Search for Olav Tryggvason) and Jakten på Sigurd Jorsalfar (The Search for Sigurd the Crusader). He has also previously worked as a district conservator in Telemark County Municipality. For the past fifteen years, he has been working on writing new stories about the Norwegian Viking kings.Øystein Morten is now working on a larger project about the Norse discovery of America, which will result in several books beginning with the book about Eirik Raude .

Dahl per arne

Per Arne Dahl

Per Arne Dahl has worked at Modum Bad psychiatric centre for 15 years, and has been Bishop of Tunsberg and pastor at the Norwegian Parliament and in several other congregations. For more than 20 years he delighted Aftenposten’s readers every Sunday with the column “Beneath clear skies”, alongside the cartoonist Ulf Aas. Dahl has written a number of books.

Dsc 8217

Per Egil Hegge

Per Egil Hegge, former editor at the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten and A-magasinet, an experienced journalist who has served as foreign correspondent both in Washington D.C., London and Moscow. Hegge writes a regular column for Aftenposten where he focuses on good language. He has written books both on Russian and American politics and also several titles on language subjects.


Per Henrik Stenstrøm

Per Henrik Stenstrøm (b. 1966) has led a number of creative environments in industries full of prima donnas and experts. He has 25 years of management experience from the media industry and knows a lot about dealing with difficult employees. In recent years, he has lectured on the topic in more than 500 workplaces. Stenstrøm is a trained journalist with a background as a radio and television presenter.

Petter stordalen middlertidig

Petter A. Stordalen

With nearly 200 hotels in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland , Estonia and Lithuania, Petter A. Stordalen (b. 1962) had become one of the world’s largest hotel tycoons.

Dsc 9702 foto joachim engelstad gtu984vlu1

Pia Ve Dahlen

PIA VE DAHLEN is a marine biologist, diver, underwater guide, professional bather, science fiction enthusiast and a firework of a communicator.Pia Ve Dahlen became the first to receive the Naturviterprisen from the Naturviterne. She received the award for her formidable efforts to promote natural scientific knowledge of the sea.

Ragnar hovland 2048x2048

Ragnar Hovland

Ragnar Hovland (b. 1952) is one of the most unique voices of Norwegian literature. With a surplus of playful ideas, odd characters and popcultural references to film and music, his fiction writing is always full of surprises. Soon after making his literary debut he achieved a cult status among many readers and younger novelists. Several authors are clearly inspired by his use of humour, irony and intertextuality.

Photo jon hunnålvatn tøn 08937

Randi Fuglehaug

Randi Fuglehaug is an experienced journalist and editor. She was a US correspondent for Dagbladet in New York and has contributed to several of Norway´s most important newspapers and magazines, as well as working in television and hosting the podcast Fødselspodden. She has authored both literary children’s books and narrative non-fiction. Alt vel med mor og barn — historier om fødsel (Samlaget 2018) is her most recent non-fiction title, and the same year she published her latest children’s book Skalla (Samlaget). She grew up in Voss in Western Norway, but lives in Oslo with her husband and two children.

Hoeivik sidsel j.

Sidsel J. Høivik

Sidsel J. Høivik has studied costume and clothing design at the Accademia di Costume e di Moda in Rome. She has worked with the dissemination of handicraft material in the weekly magazine Familien. Now she works full time as a designer of knitwear

800px sigrun slapgard

Sigrun Slapgard

Sigrun Slapgard is a Norwegian writer, international reporter and documentary director. In 2007 she published a biography on Sigrid Undset called «Dikterdronningen». The biography is later translated to several languages. Slapgard has also written books from her work as a war reporter and from her years living in Latin-America, Africa and the Middle-East.

Siri nilsenoc 23 kagge 1m8a9141 copy

Siri Nilsen

SIRI NILSEN is a singer, songwriter, actor and dancer. In recent years, she has spent more and more of her time on developing knitting designs, and has great success with her Instagram account @krauseri, where she shares knitting patterns and knitting tips.

Stine viberg image

Stine Jordstøyl

Stine Viberg, born and raised in Troms, has been doing needlework and knitting since the age of eight. In the autumn of 2018, Stine chose to focus on her dream of becoming a knitwear designer. She started her own company and Instagram account called Northern Knitting, and has since published several patterns. The designs are inspired by the northern Norwegian climate and are suitable for all ages – large and small. In addition to her knitting company, Stine also works as a psychiatric nurse, focusing on environmental therapy in outdoor life. Knitting for the outdoors – for all ages is her first book.

Pilskog, sturla (c) sturlason

Sturla Pilskog

Sturla Pilskog trained as a urologist at Haukeland University Hospital and works as a senior physician at Bærum Hospital. He was previously in charge of (now, a free service where young people can send in medical questions. He has also been associated with (Pocket Physician).

Svein harald oygard privat ny

Svein Harald Øygard

Svein Harald Øygard was interim Central Bank Governor of Iceland in 2009, after the crash. He was Deputy Minister of Finance of Norway from
1990 to 1994, being part of the team addressing the Norwegian banking-, macro and currency crisis. He worked as in international corporate strategist
at McKinsey and Company from 1995 to 2016, with a break to become Governor. He is an economist by training.


Terje Tvedt

Terje Tvedt is a Dr. philos and historian, professor of geography and political science who has written extensively on world history and water, colonial history and the international aid system. He is also the series editor for the 12-volume work “A History of Water” to which scientists from over 80 countries contributed. He has made several TV-documentaries, as the award-winning series “A Journey in the History of Water” and “A Journey in the Future of Water” (on Netflix). His latest books have been bestsellers in Norway. He has received the prestigious Fritt Ord (Free Speech) Foundation Award and the prize for excellent research dissemination by the Norwegian Research Council. His “The River Nile in the Age of the British. Political Ecology and the Quest for Economic Power” was shortlisted by the British Society for Middle Eastern Studies as one of the best books on the Middle East in 2005. His books have been translated into many languages, as Chinese, Swedish, Serbian, Danish, Ukraine, German, Dutch and English.

Forfatterportrett therese jacobsen

Therese Jacobsen

Therese Jacobsen designs children’s knitwear with optional embroidery patterns. She lives in Bergen with her husband and their three children and has many followers on her instagram account @knitbyjacobsen.

Theresejohaug krediteresjuliepike

Therese Johaug

Therese Johaug (b. 1988) is a successful Norwegian cross-country skiing athlete who has won a total of 25 medals in Olympics and World Championships.

Thomashyllanderiksen fotokred haraldmedb e 05 ad55629 1

Thomas Hylland Eriksen

Thomas Hylland Eriksen is Professor of social anthropology at the University of Oslo and the author of numerous books on anthropological and cultural issues, including Small Places, Large Issues and Tyranny of the Moment, which have both enjoyed tremendous success in Norway and abroad.

Thomas svardal

Thomas Svardal

Thomas Svardal is a real lover of nature. He grew up fishing trouts in forests and mountains and brings his interest for nature from his childhood. When he’s not out hiking, he works as a financial analyst in Nordea Bank.

Torbjørn færøvik img 3564

Torbjørn Færøvik

TORBJØRN FÆRØVIK has a Masters degree in Chinese history. He is a former journalist with NTB, Arbeiderbladet and NRK (Norwegian National Broadcasting). He is the only Norwegian writer who has received the Brage Literary Award three times. In 2006 he received the Cappelen Publisher Award.

Færøvik has written a number of book on Asia, amongst others these on China:

The Middle Kingdom – A journey in the History of China, China – A trip on the river of life, The Road to Xanadu – Journey i Marco Polo’s footsteps and Mao’s Kingdom – A history of suffering.

Skeie tore

Tore Skeie

Tore Skeie is often called Norway’s most important young historian and enjoys a wide readership. His books Alv Erlingsson and The Maiden from Norway, both released by Spartacus Forlag, received rave reviews.

Tore stromoy fotoc titt melhuus

Tore Strømøy

TORE STRØMØY is a journalist at NRK, well known from TV documentaries.
He has previously written the children’s book Ice Princess, and a number of documentary non-fiction books for adults.

 ver s tor eystein foto julie pike croped

Tor Eystein Øverås

Tor Eystein Øverås is an intellectual nomad, highly respected among authors, critics and readers for his wonderful prose and essays and for his distinguished position as a leading critic of film and literature. In 2010 he won the prize as Norway’s best literary reviewer for his book “Livet! Litteraturen!” (“The life! The literature!")

Torunn steinsland og hanne andreassen hjelmås svarthvitt fotograf torunn steinsland høy

Torunn Steinsland & Hanne A. Hjelmås

TORUNN STEINSLAND likes to create unique children’s clothes most of all. Knitting supplies are always nearby and the knitting needles are quickly taken up on the sofa at the end of a long day. Torunn likes order and takes care of orders and accounting for KlompeLOMPE.

HANNE ANDREASSEN HJELMÅS likes to work creatively, and ideas for new garments often lead to her knitting late into the night. Whether she’s sitting in line, riding in a car or chatting with friends, she always has knitting supplies with her. Color and design are the most important things for her. She takes all the photos for KlompeLOMPE.

Trine fløtre h63wb31le9

Trine Fløtre-Gransmoe

Trine Fløtre-Gansmoe is a digital marketer with a passion for knitting. She runs the company Fløtre where she sells patterns and her own popular knitting accessories ( Trine’s knitting tips and videos have a huge number of views on Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest (3 million views a month).

Trond viggo

Trond-Viggo Torgersen

Trond-Viggo Torgersen is a popular doctor, author, television host, artist, and comedian. For decades, he has answered all the questions we have about our bodies, both on TV and in his book Kroppen (The Body), which took us on a journey to understand all the strange and wonderful things that go on both inside and outside the human body.

Trude eide straume

Trude Eide Straume

Trude Eide Straume is a trained chef and runs the blog and Instagram account, as well as the Facebook group Simpler and healthier cooking with an air fryer.
She bought her first air fryer in 2017. With her recipes and handy tips and tricks, she has distinguished herself as one of the country’s foremost experts on air fryers, from healthy everyday dinners to proper weekend meals.

Foto agnete brun

Trude Lorentzen

Trude Lorentzen (b. 1974) was born and lives in Oslo with her husband and children. She is an experienced and highly admired feature journalist, who won the Great Journalism Prize for a reportage on the empty rooms that remained from the young Utøya victims. She has worked many years in Dagbladet Magasinet, and is well reputed for her excellent writing and original journalistic approach to the various subjects she covers. In 2013 she wrote MY MOTHER: A MYSTERY which was both a best seller and nominated for the Brage Prize for best non fiction. In the book she writes about her mother’s suicide.


Unn Falkeid

Unn Falkeid is a professor of History of Ideas at the University of Oslo. She is a researcher on European Middle Ages and the Renaissance and has published several books and scientific articles on Dante, Petrarca, Saint Bridget of Sweden and Catherine of Siena. Falkeid’s critically acclaimed and award-winning book The Avignon Papacy Contested: An Intellectual History from Dante to Catherine of Siena (Harvard University Press), was published in 2017.


Vidar Bergum

Vidar Bergum is a Norwegian food writer based in Istanbul. His cookbooks have introduced Norwegians to the foods and culinary traditions of Turkey and the Middle East. Vidar regularly appears in Norwegian media as an expert on Turkey as well as Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisine, and also writes the popular blog A kitchen in Istanbul in both English as well as Norwegian.

Se riesling 0418 10836sh 580x725

Walter Kieliger and Merete Bø

Walter Kieliger is the manager at the Frognerseteren restaurant in Oslo and Merete Bø is a wine expert in the Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv.

Pappa uten gluten2

Yiannis Filolias and Elisabeth Carlsen

Authors Elisabeth and Yiiannis have a son who was diagnosed with celiac disease. Yiannis is a trained chef and decided that his son would have his cake and eat it too. After several years of testing and publishing recipes, they have collected their all time favorites in this baking bible.