Erling Kagge

Erling Kagge has become something of a Renaissance man. A lawyer by training, he studied philosophy after exploring the world, starting his own publishing house, becoming a renowned collector of contemporary art, and latterly an author of slim but thought-provoking tomes. He has written books on exploration, philosophy and art collecting, all international best sellers and widely acclaimed by critics. His books are translated to 38 languages. In his most recent publications – Silence in the Age of Noise (2016) and Walking: One Step at a Time (2018) he reflects, in different ways, about the silence we carry inside us. But most importantly for Kagge, both books and Philosophy for Polar Explorers are about being in contact with nature.

The New York Times described Kagge as “… a philosophical adventurer or perhaps an adventurous philosopher”. Alain de Botton describes him as follows: “An author for our noisy times, full of a rare and deeply redemptive languor and perspective”.