Lars Lenth

Selected titles

Lars Lenth (b. 1966) is Norway’s undisputed number one when it comes to fly fishing for trout. His literary debut came with the novel The same river in 2007, a fly fishing novel following a young man’s experiences through a season of fishing at the river Skrukkedalsrenna. The Norwegian patient was his second novel, introducing the lawyer Leonard Vangen and the criminal Rino Gulliksen. two characters who readers have grown fond of. Leo and Rino reappear in Lenth’s next novel, The Vega Brothers. In all three novels there’s a deepfelt tension between man and nature. A subject the author continues to focus on in his fresh new novel Men who hate wolves.

  • 2008 The Flyfisherman’s handbook
  • 2008 Fly Patterns
  • 2007 Trouthead
  • 2003 Fishing Bliss
  • 2001 Flow
  • 1998 Looking for Mr. Trout