Men Who Hate Wolves

Lars Lenth

Menn som hater ulver
Kagge Forlag 2017
Fiction / Novel
70000 Words
Full Norwegian pdf available

Product sheet (PDF)

Menn som hater ulver foreløpig

A woman dies after being attacked by a pack of wolves outside Elverum in Østerdalen. Those who oppose wolves finally have ammo: a human has been killed by wolves in Norway for the first time since 1799. Wolf researchers refuse to accept that this was the work of wolves, instead fighting a seemingly hopeless battle – all until careless yet enthusiastic hermit and wolf lover Rino Gulliksen takes matters into his own hands and gives the wolf haters a taste of their own medicine. Conflict-hating lawyer Leo Vangen gets wind of Rino Gulliksen’s plans and travels to Elverum to prevent a bloodbath, even as he fights his own demons and a misguided relationship with his daughter, Siri. With Men Who Hate Wolves, Lars Lenth has written another dark, funny and touching novel about nature, humans and human nature.

Foreign rights

Blanvalet/Limes, Germany
Wydawnictwo Literackie, Poland

It’s been an absolute joy to read this manuscript.

Torbjørn Ekelund

Entertaining and wise.

Gudbrandsdølen Dagningen Pluss

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