Terje Tvedt

Terje Tvedt is a Dr. philos and historian, professor of geography and political science who has written extensively on world history and water, colonial history and the international aid system. He is also the series editor for the 12-volume work “A History of Water” to which scientists from over 80 countries contributed. He has made several TV-documentaries, as the award-winning series “A Journey in the History of Water” and “A Journey in the Future of Water” (on Netflix). His latest books have been bestsellers in Norway. He has received the prestigious Fritt Ord (Free Speech) Foundation Award and the prize for excellent research dissemination by the Norwegian Research Council. His “The River Nile in the Age of the British. Political Ecology and the Quest for Economic Power” was shortlisted by the British Society for Middle Eastern Studies as one of the best books on the Middle East in 2005. His books have been translated into many languages, as Chinese, Swedish, Serbian, Danish, Ukraine, German, Dutch and English.