Annemor Sundbø

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Annemor Sundbø comes from Kristiansand, and has run her own business at Ose in Setesdal since 1993. She is a textile designer and specialist teacher in weaving and drawing, and graduated from the National College for Handicrafts and Design in Bergen and the Oslo Teacher Training College for Arts and Crafts. The author is the recipient of a government arts grant, and has been awarded the King’s Medal of Merit (2013), the Norwegian Folk Art and Craft Association’s Medal of Merit for the preservation and continuance of cultural heritage at home and abroad (2004), the Aust-Agder Municipality Culture Prize (1999), the Vest-Agder Municipality Culture Prize (2015), the Bygland Municipality Culture Prize (2004), the Kristiansand Municipality Culture Prize (2017) and the Southern Norway Literature Prize (2006).

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