Hanne-Lene Dahlgren

Selected titles

Hanne-Lene Dahlgren made her debut as a cookbook author with The Super Tasty Cookbook. As a mother of toddlers she focuses on simple, nutritious and tasty meat-free meals, that offer plenty of eating enjoyment and a variety of colour. Her mantra is that any food lover can also love eating meat-free.

Dahlgren is a former Google analyst who became a vegetarian enthusiast, giving up a promising career to focus on sharing her joy of food making . Her goal is a 30 % reduction in meat consumption by 2025. On her super-popular instagram account @hannelenesvegetar, Hanne-Lene shares tips, recipes and inspiration. As a mother of toddlers, she also prepares meals that are suitable for the little ones, and if you or someone in your family is gluten intolerante, she has taken that into consideration as well. All recipes are completely plant-based, but you can of course use dairy products if you wish.