AnneLene Johnsen og Elin Natås

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Elin Natås grew up experiencing severe learning difficulties, and did not learn maths until she was in her thirties. She now works as a special educator, and with remarkable results. She has for more than 25 years helped students who struggle to learn. She is one of Norway´s leading authorities on the pedagogical model “Basic concept teaching” (developed by Magne & Ragnhild Nyborg).

AnneLene Johnsen is a maths whiz who solved maths problems in her spare time just for fun. Today the former Mensa president is a known columnist within mental health and educational aspects, has authored several mind gym books, and spent most of her career teaching and writing about what it takes to make our minds work most efficiently. AnneLene has a Master of Business and Management-degree, a BA in psychology, and have studied cognitive neuroscience and sosial psychology on master- and PhD-level. She is the owner of The BrainFactory.

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