Easy Path to Good Maths

AnneLene Johnsen og Elin Natås

Hvordan fatte matte
Panta Forlag 2017
Non Fiction / Parental, Educational
74000 Words
Extensive English material available.

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The most sold Norwegian non-fiction title in 2017
Easy Path to Good Maths offers a groundbreaking, unique method of learning maths. The book argues against the reigning myth postulating that memorization is the best way to master maths. By instead focusing on basic “building blocks” that any child needs to master in order to understand and learn maths, you will be able to help your child achieve outstanding progress. The book presents cases that show how efficient this method has proven to be. Children often struggle with the maths curriculum in elementary school, and the book explains why and how they face learning problems. Also it shows how to solve these problems in the most efficient way. Even better: The parents need not be good at maths to help their children improve their maths skills. The book offers a step-by-step guide for helping parents help their children. It is written in a vocal way with easy explanations on each subject.

Foreign rights

Bazar, Finland
Norstedts, Sweden
Gyldendal, Denmark
Companhia das Letras, Brazil
Marginesy, Poland
Popuri, Russia
Akkord, Hungary
Dorun Yayanlari, Turkey
Nash Format, Ukraine
Heyne Verlag, Germany