Waves of longing

Anne-Lie Högberg

Vågor av längtan
Printz Publishing AB 2024
Fiction / Feel Good
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Vågor av längtan (1)

A gripping and warm novel about loneliness, vulnerability and the desire to belong in a new place

The story takes place on the dazzlingly beautiful small island of Åstol in Gothenburg’s archipelago.

What happens when the truth about one’s parentage is revealed, completely unexpectedly? And how does the truth effect the relationships in the families involved ?

The story is elegantly told in two parallel timelines where a background story dating back to the late sixties is interwoven with the story from the present, where we follow Donna and her quest to find something meaningful to fill her life with after losing her husband.

There will be a sequel to this novel estimated to be released in fall 2024.

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