Letters linking us together

Anne-Lie Högberg

Breven som länkar oss samman
LB Förlag, Sweden 2022
Fiction / Feel Good
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Hogberg breven som lankar oss samman omslag poc

One of the finalists for : The Feelgood Award of the Year, 2022!

Maria loves her little red guest house, located on the banks of Lake Mälaren. When it has to be temporarily shut down, her existence collapses.

By chance, she finds a letter in her grandmother’s old writing desk, a letter written by her grandmother, but which never reached the recipient. Maria becomes obsessed with the mystery of the letter, and she begins to dig into her grandmother’s past.

Piece by piece, Maria puts the secrets of her family history together and soon a picture of a dark family drama emerges, leading her across the Atlantic ocean to the early 20th century in America .

LETTERS LINKING US TOGETHER, is a novel about moving on after a tragic event and about a family finding their way back to each other, after being separated by decades and an entire ocean.

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