Grayhawk Agency, a brilliant co-agent for Stilton Literary Agency

January 18, 2017

For the last couple of years Grayhawk Agency, based in Taipei, has been one of the most valuable co-agencies for Stilton and for some of our Norwegian authors. With the splendid work of these clever and gentle people we are able to connect to publishers in China, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Norwegian titles such as SUPER STUDENT, NO MERCY, HELL WEEK, NOW! and SILENCE are either published in these markets or they’re in the making. Some of these books have even hit the best seller lists in China and Taiwan. Somehow Taipei often feels closer to Oslo than many other cities. We look forward to new great deals and smooth coworking, and we congratulate The Grayhawk team with new offices and with today’s sale of Chinese rights for Erling Kagge’s SILENCE IN THE AGE OF NOISE to Booky.