Penis: An Owner's Manual

Sturla Pilskog

Penis: En håndbok. Myter og sannheter om mannens viktigste verktøy
Kagge Forlag 2020
Non-Fiction / Popular Science
40000 Words
English sample material available

Product sheet (PDF)

Org pilskog penis hoy

Myths and Truths about Man’s Most Important Tool
Few other organs have inspired so much love, hate or debate. Yet many myths and misunderstandings still surround the penis and balls, among young and old alike. Is it big enough? Why do we have wet dreams? Can mobile phone radiation make me sterile? When is it time to start worrying about your prostate?
In this clear and entertaining book, urologist Sturla Pilskog gives you all the answers you need, telling you what’s normal, which problems you need to take seriously and how you can get rid of them.
Penis: An owner’s manual is for anybody who wants to know how things really hang together down there. Along the way, you’ll get to read fascinating stories about spined shafts, phantom penises and Napoleon’s shrivelled eel.

Foreign rights

Kosmos, Netherlands
EC Editions, Denmark
Editura Lebada Neagra, Romania
Mann, Ivanov, Ferber, Russia
Family Leisure Club, Ukraine
Znak Literanova, Poland

The ultimate guide to the penis. (Six of six stars!)

Cathrine Krøger, Dagbladet


Ola Hegdal, NRK