Hooked on sewing

Ingrid Vik Lysne and Ingrid Bergtun

Sy med Ingrid og Ingrid
Kagge Forlag 2020
Non-Fiction / Hobby/Hand craft

Product sheet (PDF)

Bokomslag   sy med ingrid og ingrid omslag hoy

Design your own clothes from recycled textiles!

More and more people are throwing themselves into the sewing wave and want to learn more about sewing, reuse and redesign. Sewing yourself is fun, easy and sustainable. This book gives you all the inspiration you need to get started. Through simple and visual patterns, the authors show how to make modern garments from old textiles. Here are patterns everyone can follow, including jackets, sweaters, skirts and pants, and fun little things like headbands and tote bags. The book has step-by-step descriptions and pattern sheets. You will also get good tips on how to repair and take care of your clothes. With this book, you will quickly be hooked on sewing, and you will experience how much fun it is to make sustainable garments that you will also feel cool with.