Annoying Colleagues and How To Deal With Them

Per Henrik Stenstrøm

Irriterende kolleger. Slik takler du dem
Bonnier Norway Publishing 2021
Non Fiction / Business, Self Improvement
46000 Words
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Irriterende kolleger omslag

One of the big challenges in any workplace is how to deal with “the others”.
Those who are not like you and me. Whether you work in a place with a little more than a handful of people, a large company or are involved in running an association, you have colleagues or others around you with whom you will collaborate. And among these people, there is almost certainly someone you find annoying!

Per Henrik Stenstrøm makes a living from giving lectures about life at work. After visiting hundreds of Norwegian companies to talk about the working environment, he has concluded that the annoying colleagues can be divided into seven types from the Prima donna to the braggart.

In this book, he analyzes each of the types and gives good advice on how they can be best understood. The goal is of course to find ways to collaborate better with those you do not find it so easy to collaborate with. The book comes with concrete solutions and tips. In addition, it is full of fun and educational cases based on all the types Stenstrøm has encountered along the way. In other words, there is a lot to recognize in here for most of us!

Foreign rights

Wielka Litera, Poland
Tanapaev, Estonia
Eksmo, Russia
Znanje, Croatia
Uab Liutai Ne Avys, Lithuania