Poor Student. A guide to help you make it on your own

Karen Elene Thorsen

Fattig student på egne bein
Strawberry Publishing 2021
Non Fiction / Self-development/Lifestyle

Product sheet (PDF)

9788234701122 org

For most young people, beginning their studies means moving away from home and living on you own for the first time. Whether you end up in a collective or in a student dormitory, you should now be able to stand on your own two feet; have control of your finances, cook for yourself, establish good work habits, make new friends in short, take care of everything that the adults all around you seem to handle effortlessly. Does that sound overwhelming? No worries! Poor Students has arrived and has collected absolutely everything you need to know to enjoy a stress free and fun filled student life. Karen Elene Thorsen has made all the mistakes already, and by doing so discovered how to avoid them and what actually works! Here you will find just about everything you need to know about economy, insurance, proposals for house rules for collectives, clever tips when shopping for food, study techniques, smart solutions for reuse, repairs and much, much more.

A must-have book for all students!

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