The Hagen Case

Magnus Braaten and Kenneth Fossheim

Gyldendal Forlag 2021
Non Fiction / Narrative / True crime

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Loerenskog mysteriet

October 31, 2018. Anne-Elisabeth Hagen disappears from her home in Lørenskog in the Oslo suburbs. Her husband, billionaire Tom Hagen, arrives home to a ransom note demanding nine million euros paid in a cryptocurrency. According to the letter, if he contacts the police or press his wife will be killed. Hagen defies the threat and police investigate the case in secret. They don’t ask for the public’s help until ten weeks after Anne-Elisabeth’s disappearance.

28 April 2020. Tom Hagen is arrested by the tactical unit of the Norwegian Police. The police believe he is guilty and that he has been misleading them the entire time. However, the Court of Appeal refuses the police’s application to hold Hagen in custody, believing the evidence against him to be too weak. Since then we have heard no more from the police.

The Lørenskog disappearance is one of the most talked about crime cases in Norwegian history. Everyone has an opinion on whether or not Hagen is guilty. If he is guilty, he has conned not only the police but his loved ones too. If not, the 70-year-old has not just lost his wife but has also been wrongfully accused of murder. These two are the only options.

TV2’s crime reporters Magnus Braaten and Kenneth Fossheim have been following the case at close quarters. In The Hagen Case, they take readers inside an extraordinary criminal investigation.

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