The Wolf Age: The Vikings, The Anglo-Saxons and the Battle for the North Sea Empire

Tore Skeie

NORLA Selected Title

Gyldendal Forlag 2018
Narrative Non Fiction / History
95000 Words
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SELECTED TITLE BY NORLA — Extensive translation grants available.

We are in the region surrounding the North Sea at the beginning of the year 1000. Ordinary people are struggling to survive in harsh conditions. Society’s elite – kings, nobles, earls and tribal leaders – are, on the contrary, only concerned with one thing: the pursuit of power.In a society with crude infrastructure and weak institutions, power can only be obtained by one means: the use of force.In order to get men to perform acts of violence, one thing is necessary: silver. And keeping them loyal requires even more silver.

In the year 1000, Ethelred is king of the Anglo-Saxons. He has great domestic problems – every region of his recently united kingdom is simmering – but even greater problems threaten him from beyond: the Danes, Vikings from Denmark and Norway, are plundering his land. In The Wolf Age, Tore Skeie paints a fuller picture and takes the reader along on a tremendous journey through history. It is the rock-solid historical tale of the real Game of Thrones. Here you’ll find manipulative war lords, allies joining the enemy, and huge amounts of money changing hands, all while brutality and destruction take hold. At the same time, Christianity is spreading and becoming a new aspect in the struggle for power. With this as its backdrop, who will make the best move and who will succumb, disappearing into the oblivion of history?

Foreign rights

Gyldendal, Denmark
Pushkin Press, UK, World English
Aripaev, Estonia
Rebis, Poland
Omniboek/VBK Media, Netherlands

The turbulent age that straddles the first millennium is brought to life in a history worthy of a modern television epic

Jonathan McAloon, Financial Times

… a page-turner which brings to vivid, often gruesome, life one of the most violent periods in the history of Britain

Charlie Connelly, The European

“tremendously well-written … masterfully executed.” 6 of 6 stars

Stavanger Aftenblad

This true story is like The Lord of the Rings, only better … What a wonderful story this is! 6 of 6 stars


Remember this name if you’ve never heard it before: Tore Skeie. What guts, what talent for writing and storytelling this historian and author has! … There is a force to this material that pulls the reader from the present day back through the centuries, with a well-written and fascinating text.” 5 out of 6 stars


Extremely well written


If you’re going to read one book that explains the Viking era, this is a great place to start. 6 of 6 stars


A rich and cool-headed depiction of the life around our best-known Viking king.5 of 6 stars.


No Norwegian writes more thrillingly … Skeie has a unique ability conjure images of the richest detail, everything from chaotic battles to the period’s exhausting day-to-day life.