No-Kned Baking

Ina Janine Johnsen

Eltefri bakst
Frisk Forlag 2019
Non Fiction / Cookbook/Baking

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Eltefri bakst forside

Over 100 healthy, tasty recipes

Did you know that no-knead baking is the easiest and best way to get good results?

Just mix everything together to make the dough! The technique is brilliant if you want healthy bread and baked goods, especially if you’re short on time, lack experience or don’t have a lot of equipment. Best of all, it works for all types of baked goods, from sweet cinnamon buns to crunchy pizza trays and lovely fresh bread.

Author Ina-Janine Johnsen started as an interior architect, but discovered that her real passion was food. She studied at Leiths School of Food and Wine and started as an aspiring food blogger in 2009. Her no-knead baking has become immensely popular
and made her one of the most popular of Norway’s food bloggers.

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