Psych Yourself Up. What’s Really Going on Inside?

Maria Østhassel

Psykt deg. Hva er det egentlig som foregår på innsida?
Frisk Forlag 2021
non Fiction / Health
24800 Words
Norwegian PDF

Product sheet (PDF)

Psykt deg forside

It’s not always easy to know how to handle things that are painful or difficult, but this book will give you answers.

Maria Østhassel started the social media account @psyktdeg during the pandemic with the aim of helping young people with their mental health. In this book, she shares her best psychological lifehacks and tons of useful tools that can help teens, parents, and everyone else face very normal challenges that we are not alone in experiencing.
The book covers the following topics:
• A bit about you – your feelings and your personality
• Self-esteem – I don’t like that dumbass in the mirror
• So freaking anxious – scared, stressed, and normal?
• Depressed – with and without a particular reason
• Sex, love, and brutal heartbreak
• With and without friends – loneliness, jealousy, and gossip
• Food, sleep, and exercise – those habits that adults go on about, but that adults aren’t even all that good at themselves
• Addiction – sex, porn, exercise, screens, painkillers, and intoxication

Foreign rights

Noordboek, Netherlands