Sew my Dress

Cecilie Melli

Sy min kjole
Kagge Forlag 2021
Non Fiction / Hobby, hand craft
28070 Words
Norwegian PDF

Product sheet (PDF)

Sy min kjole 9788248928348

Top designer Cecilie Melli teaches you everything you need to know to easily sew beautiful and enchanting dresses.

Sewing is fun, sustainable and meditative. Cecilie Melli has a strong desire for more people to discover the joy of making something themselves, which is why she is sharing several of her patterns for the first time. For 15 years, Cecilie Melli has been one of Norway’s top designers, especially known for her enchanting dresses. In “Sew my Dress”, she shares 42 of her finest patterns, including wedding dresses and several of the most popular Melli dresses. You will also find patterns for gorgeous kimonos, tops and skirts. Through pattern sheets and simple step-by-step descriptions, she shows how easily you can sew them yourself. The book is full of inspiration, both for beginners and experts.