Quislings Suitcase. In the footsteps of the world's most notorious traitor

Trude Lorentzen

Quislings koffert
Kagge Forlag 2022
Narrative Non Fiction / History WW2
Norwegian PDF and English sample chapters

Product sheet (PDF)

Quislings koffert 9788248929864

“Quisling’s suitcase” is a strong story from the past that speaks to us today

With a brown leather suitcase in his hand Vidkun Quisling leaves for Ukraine to save ordinary people’s lives from starvation and death — later on he leaves for Berlin, carrying the same suitcase, to meet with Adolf Hitler.

When Trude Lorentzen buys the infamous traitor’s suitcase at an auction many years later, it’s the beginning of a vivid and compelling investigative hunt through history. Who was this man who aimed to become Norway’s own Nazi dictator? Why did he choose to betray his own country and people? His brown leather suitcase has witnessed it all: cannibalism, bigamy and in total eleven visits to Der Fürher.

“Quisling’s suitcase” is a strong story from the past that speaks to us today, and the book comments on current events with frightening precision. A book on how to choose the right or wrong way when we face an important cross road. The book is based on the podcast success «Quisling’s suitcase», but offers lots of new, never before published material to the readers.