A Psychologist with a Sleeping bag

Johanne S. Refseth

Psykolog med sovepose
Gyldendal Norsk Forlag 2022
Non Fiction / Psychology, self-help
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This is the story of how a psychologist cured her own heartbreak by becoming a real outdoor enthusiast, with a penchant for making coffee over a bonfire in the middle of the woods

We follow Johanne Refseth living an outdoor life, beginning in the nearby woods of Nordmarka to long-distance trips on the vast expanses of Norway, while she talks about the psychology behind being human. About why emotions turn into stomach aches, inner turmoil, headaches and concentration problems and how we then begin to avoid our inner signals by criticizing ourselves, putting things off, not daring to be happy or scrolling away from our feelings.

Through bonfires, sunrises and freshly caught trout, Johanne Refseth shows us how to get rid of physical problems by getting to know your feelings, how to overcome destructive thoughts and habits and become a whole person again.

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Lindhardt & Ringhof, Denmark