This is Ellen's Book

Andrea Bræin Hovig

Dette er Ellens bok
Vigmostad & Bjørke 2022
Fiction/Drama / Children 9-12 years
49184 Words
Norwegian PDF and English sample chapters

Product sheet (PDF)

Dette er ellens bok

A powerful novel from one of Norway’s most prominent actors, about families, betrayal and finding yourself when everything around you is chaotic.

Ellen is a shy 13-year-old Norwegian girl, who somewhat reluctantly has to spend the summer with her father, at his cabin in Sweden. It will be a summer where everything changes for Ellen. Not only does it become clear to her that her dad is not like all other dads. He also carries secrets. One day at the cabin, the biggest secret of all materializes and from that moment everything is turned upside down and suddenly the world is not the same anymore.

An agreement for film option has been signed for this title and the producer is Thomas Robsahm, the Oscar Academy awarded producer of the fiction movie «The worst person in the world« from 2021.