Age of Generosity

Kathrine Aspaas

Raushetens tid
Aschehoug Forlag 2012
Non Fiction / Documentary

Product sheet (PDF)


After 18 years as a financial journalist, Kathrine Aspaas grew tired of criticism and control. She set out on a long journey in order to explore generosity.

This journey took her through politics, science, innovation, business and private lives, and she now remains in no doubt: we are moving towards a more peaceful and generous age. For those of you concerned with the bottom line: generosity pays. Welcome to the Age of Generosity.

«We are moving towards a new era, developed by people and organizations with the guts to be transparent – with the courage to be vulnerable and real. They share and they care –knowledge, mistakes, innovation and development. They show us that consideration is the new efficiency.»

English sample chapters available.