Silent Night

Ragnar Hovland

Stille Natt
Samlaget 2011
Fiction / Novel
52000 Words
Full French translation available

Product sheet (PDF)


An established author experiences writer’s block, and his publisher nags him about the great adventure novel he has promised to write. But life writes itself. The author is on his way towards something new, both in his inner and outer life. This something is deeply connected to what happened to his brother many years ago and changed his life for ever — and the life of the entire family.

On a journey through a familiar Norwegian landscape and through the more unknown landscapes of his own dreams, the author is haunted by his past, persecuted by people he has met who now demand a room in his ongoing writing.

STILLE NATT (SILENT NIGHT) is a grande, beautiful novel on love, loss and dark family secrets.

Foreign rights

Les Belles Lettres, France

Douce Nuit isn’t a novel that qualifies as a typical page turner, but still it reads like one.

Mathieu Lindon, Libération

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