The Perfumier

Margit Walsø

Vigmostad & Bjørke 2018
Fiction / Novel
62000 Words
Full English manuscript.

Product sheet (PDF)

Margit walsø the perfumier frontcover

A voyage to Provence, a mystery to solve, an unexpected love story.

Ingrid is twenty-five years old and disenchanted with her job at a laboratory in Trondheim.
One day she finds a parfumier’s organ in the basement of her childhood home: a specially made tiered shelf for her father’s collection of perfume essences. She decides to travel to Grasse in Provence to explore the lesser known aspects of her deceased father’s life. She finds clues in amongst her father’s things that lead her to the mysterious Sonja Richard and her perfume factory. Ingrid gets a job at the factory, but does not tell Sonja who she is.
The perfume industry is facing a growing demand for new, synthetic scent molecules. This troubles the inhabitants of Grasse, who have always made a living from their orange trees, roses, jasmine and lavender.
A power struggle emerges between the older and the younger woman, culminating when Ingrid finds out Sonja’s secret.

  • THE PERFUMIER offers a unique insight into the world of fragrances, the rich variety of raw materials and the art of perfume making.
  • A sensual feel good novel where the gift for smelling and memory always rules.

Foreign rights

Marsilio, Italy
Wydawnictwo Literackie, Poland
Sekwa, Sweden