Osburg Verlag to publish book on The Mozart of Chess, Magnus Carlsen

January 23, 2017

Early March Osburg Verlag will bring out the book Magnus Carlsen. Der unerwartete Schachgenie. The original Norwegian edition is written by Aage G. Sivertsen, (Kagge Forlag 2015).

The German edition will have a fresh chapter reporting on the tense thriller on Manhattan where Magnus fought his exhausting battle against Russia’s Sergey Karjakin, striving to defend his title as the world’s best chess player.

Magnus Carlsen is known as "The Mozart of Chess” for his cool attitude and playful style. As reigning world champion and the highest ranked chess player in history, he compares favourably with some of the ikons of chess such as Bobby Fischer and Garry Kasparov. What are the secrets of Magnus’ success? How important is it to have fun rather than just do training and preparations? How does Magnus balance between versatility and focus? How does he prepare for a competition? What is the role of the Carlsen team? In sum; how important is psychology in the world of elite chess — and how much is based on the player’s character and winner instincts?