Gabi Gleichmann

Kagge 2019
Fiction / Novel
40000 Words
English sample chapters available.

Product sheet (PDF)

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Following his father’s death, Aron Kohn finds a suitcase in his flat. It contains a manuscript written by a woman called Aurelia. The manuscript is Aurelia’s life story, a story that reveals major family secrets. The story begins in Bratislava in the early 20th century and jumps between a devastated Europe and wartime and post-war USA. AURELIA is a powerful story about not being able to choose your own path, about living without ever belonging. A magnificent and captivating story about a European woman navigating a brutal century in the shadow of the holocaust and the atomic bomb.

Gabi Gleichmann’s previous novel. Elixir of Immortality, sold to USA & UK, China, Denmark, Netherlands, France, Germany, Israel, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.

A charged philosophical novel full of wit and mystery. Memorable and sure to be one of the big novels of the season.”

Kirkus Review (Starred) about Elixir of Immortality