The Smart Brain Planner

Kaja Nordengen

Kagge Forlag 2020
Non-Fiction / Brain, Health, Self-Help
Norwegian pdf

Product sheet (PDF)

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The Smart Brain Planner is a nice little book that is easy to take with you and easy to implement the daily tips that Kaja Nordengen has collected through her four years as an author and lecturer. Since her debut with Your Superstar Brain Kaja has become a master communicator of difficult material. She makes it easy, understandable and fun. No wonder Kaja has a large audience who reads her books and hears her lectures. Now she has gathered her very best tips on how you can easily and simply complete a daily exercise to improve your brain health. Journals and annual planners have done well in recent years and Kaja’s contribution can easily become a bestseller.

Foreign rights

Marginesy, Poland