Keep Your Brain Trained for Life

Kaja Nordengen

Hjernetrening. Slik Holder du hjernen i form
Kagge Forlag 2018
Non Fiction / Popular Science
45000 Words
English sample material available.

Product sheet (PDF)

Org hjernetrening hoy

Every time you use a new piece of kitchen equipment, work out what a food product costs based on its price per kilo, find a new place without using your satnav or tackle other everyday challenges, you’re training your brain.

In this book brain researcher Kaja Nordengen teaches us about brain training. She has compiled many fun tasks, ranging from the simple to the challenging, that you can use to train your brain. From day-to-day challenges such as brushing your teeth with the “wrong” hand and learning five words in a language that you do not know, to fun number exercises, Mensa’s intelligence test and Hans Olav Lahlum’s original chess tips.

When we learn new things and challenge our brains, new connections are formed between our neurons. You improve in your training while also protecting yourself from dementia.

Foreign rights

Rosinante & Co, Denmark
Marginesy, Poland
Norstedts, Sweden
Piter, Russia

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