Knitting for Babies and Knitting for Children from Paelas

Frida Farstad Brevik, Siri Hoftun and Trude Melhus Rognstad

Babystrikk fra Paleas
Gyldendal Forlag 2018
Non Fiction / Hobby/Hand craft

Product sheet (PDF)

Babystrikk fra paelas

Two books from the Norwegian knitwear firm Paelas. In Knitting for Children you’ll find around fifty patterns for boys and girls, from new-borns up to eight years old. In Knitting for Babies the little ones are the focus with thirty patterns for babies and toddlers up to three years old.

The patterns make use of a range of knitting techniques with varying levels of difficulty, and the authors present knitwear designs with inspiring colours, moods, structures and wool qualities. The books also contain thorough instructions on how to knit.

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