The Power of Vulnerability .About finding strength when you are weak

Per Arne Dahl

Sårbarhetens kraft
Gyldendal Forlag 2019
Non Fiction / Contemporary debate
60000 Words

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Saarbarhetens kraft

The Power of Vulnerability is a wise and warm book about how vulnerability can provide new strength.

In this book, former Bishop of Tunsberg Per Arne Dahl raises a question he thinks is central to our times: Is there space for vulnerability in a world where the strongest often draw the longest straw?

Yes, says the author, who stresses that vulnerability is not weakness; on the contrary, vulnerability can make us both stronger and wiser. But he also issues a warning: Beware that cynical and insensitive people don’t turn your vulnerability against you!

Per Arne Dahl has spent his life listening to people who are going through periods of difficulty. He writes compellingly and intimately about how we can live with our hidden troubles. Showing vulnerability requires courage, and how we help each other when times get tough is of crucial importance.

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