A Pain-Free Neck

Anders Aasen Berget and Lennart Krohn-Hansen

Frisk Nakke
Frisk Forlag 2014
Non Fiction / Health
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The book provides a complete guide on how to reduce ongoing neck pain, get rid of long-term neck pain and the most efficient way to strengthen your neck.

This book presents a new approach to self- treatment of neck pain. Based on the latest research and the biological, psychological, and social aspect model of health, this book will guide you through a simple test to determine which factors to change in order to reduce neck pain.
All practical advice and exercises are explained in a simple way and are easy to understand and to perform.
The book is part of a series with books about pain in the back, the neck, the shoulder and the knee. All books are fully illustrated and in colour.
Experience from sales has shown that the books have reached an audience of both ordinary readers and professional therapists. The books have received great reviews.

Foreign rights

Denmark, Turbine
Germany, Mentor Verlag