Wiola's Knit and Wear

Kristin Wiola Ødegård

Wiola. Strikk och bruk
Gyldendal Forlag 2021
Non Fiction / Hobby/Hand craft

Product sheet (PDF)

Wiola. strikk og bruk

Wiola’s Knit and Wear has everything for all of us who love to knit. Both the beginner and the more experienced knitter will get patterns for knitwear to use all year round.

The book contains as many as 30 models, such as large, lovely sweaters, jackets and vests for you and those you love, and in the spirit of Wiola you can use the leftover yarn for smaller knitting projects such as shawls, hats and mittens. Kristin Wiola Ødegård’s style is unique, the way she combines colors with charming and surprising details.

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