Brothers in blood

Knut Lindh

Vigmostad Bjørke 2010
Fiction / Novel

Product sheet (PDF)


A Somali asylum seeker, a Kurdish taxi driver, a Serb refugee – they only have one thing in common: They’ve all been brutally tortured, killed and dumped on the outskirts of Oslo.

Police sergeant Ulf Larsen at Follo Police Station is ordered to cancel his summer vacation and to lead the murder investigations. Within his team people have different opinions on what lies behind the killings. Are the dead men victims of ethnic cleansing, or are the murders related to criminal gang vendettas? Ulf Larsen and his group don’t have much time — the killers must be found before they kill again.

This is Knut Lindh’s second crime novel with police sergeant Ulf Larsen and journalist Vibeke Holt.

«A precise prose, a clever and convincing plot with a subject of current interest … And above all: It’s thrilling!» Knut Holt, Fædrelandsvennen

«Everything is in place in this book. Reading Lindh is both a pleasure and a thrill. From page one to the end, the story is cleverly and efficiently told – and with clippings disposing of unneeded parts and keeping up the suspense all the way … The result is a successful novel in every possible sense.» Ingvar Ambjørnsen, VG

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