Dead man rises

Knut Lindh

Når den døde våkner
Vigmostad Bjørke 2009
Fiction / Novel

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Police sergeant Ulf Larsen, 42 years old, has been on sick leave since his wife recently died in cancer. Ulf lives with his teenage daughter, Monica. A murder at a hospital brings Ulf Larsen back on duty at Follo Police station, south of Oslo. Ulf Larsen is the most experienced officer at the station and his asked to lead the investigation. A 88 year old male patient has been strangled with a yellow silk bandana, his hands are tied to the headboard with ropes. The murder resembles a crucifixion.

It turns out the dead man is not who he claimed to be. But Ulf Larsen and his colleagues have a challenging situation as they don’t know the identity of the victim, nor do they have a motive for the murder or any clue of the murderer. Someone must obviously have felt a strong hatred towards the old man and has planned a beastly revenge. Soon Ulf Larsen begins to receive anonymous e-mails with a biblical content.

At the same time, 30 years old Vibeke Holt, freelance journalist at TV2, is drawn into the murder case and starts her own investigation. The traces bring the investigators far away and far back in time, to the war and the resistance movement.

«Lindh writes simply exceedingly well.»
Monika Yndestad, BA

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