Smartest in the family

AnneLene Johnsen

Smartest i familien
Kagge Forlag 2023
Children's book 6-9 yrs / Non-Fiction
190 Words
Full Norwegian PDF

Product sheet (PDF)

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Who is the smartest in the family? Find the answer with quizzes, codes, puzzles and games. In this book you have everything you need to move small and large noses away from the cell phone screens, and over on live activities.

It’s vital to be able to use your brain to solve problems, develop creativity, master things, and more than anything — to have fun! And it’s also important to spend time together, off screen. In “Smartest in the family” you find fun, stimulating and social activities for the whole family — guaranteed screen-free. You will discover riddles, brain teasers, quizzes, IQ tasks, tricks and party games that guarantee quality time together, whether you choose to collaborate to solve a problem or you prefer to compete against each other to find out who is the smartest in the family!