Let's Play the Good Old Games

AnneLene Johnsen

Alt står på spill. 39 folkekjære og lærerike brett-, kort- og terningspill for enhver anledning
Panta Forlag 2017
Non Fiction / Hobby
45000 Words

Product sheet (PDF)

Alt står på spill stor lysere

The big book of games: 39 Popular and Instructive Board, Card and Dice Games for Any Occasion. Remember; humans are pack animals that like to play, and games bring people together. Games are great for spending time together with family and friends. Games train our brains and are good for our mental health. In this book you will learn how and why. Games are satisfying, relaxing and fun. Get tips on making the most of your games. Games trigger healthy competitive instinct. This book will give you strategies to win from Norwegian and international masters. Just admit it: deep down we all think it’s fun to win!

This is the guide you need when your group disagrees on the rules and needs tips on how to win and outshine the competition. Here you will find suggestions for rules, tips on game variants, useful facts, fun research into how games are good for us and, not least, tricks to help you play even better.