In this landscape

Tor Eystein Øverås

I dette landskap
Gyldendal 2012
Non Fiction / Essay

Product sheet (PDF)


«I think it’s a good thing to quarrel about literature. We ought to quarrel about literature,» says Tor Eystein Øverås.

Literature in its core deals with people in conflict with themselves. Literature gives us insights into our own lives, makes us better readers of our own lives, and of others’. In this book we meet authors, books, landscapes and travels. Worlds where experiences are gained, identities are made — and challenged. As a literary critic and reader Øverås has attempted to examine what literature can do with us.

«At his best the author and critic Øverås writes better than almost everyone. And at his best Øverås is very personal.»
Sigrun Hodne, Stavanger Aftenblad

«A good book, full of insights, confessions, memories, travels, meetings with texts and reflections over his own limits. Put it on your bedside table and read till you fall asleep. Continue next day.»
Fredrik Wandrup, Dagbladet