The Hiking Book From Hell

Are Kalvø

Hyttebok frå Helvete
Kagge Forlag 2018
Non Fiction / Narrative
93000 Words
Full English manuscript available

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A comedian’s reluctant attempt to learn to love nature
Are Kalvø grew up smack dab in the middle of a postcard in north-western Norway, surrounded by fjords and mountains that people from halfway across the globe travel to see. Yet he’s never been much of an outdoorsman. Once he moved to the city, he never looked back. This has never been a problem. Until recently, Kalvø began losing friends to the mountains. One day, Kalvø realized that he did not have a single Facebook-friend who had not posted a single photo of themselves on a mountain. That’s enough to make a person start wondering. In fear of missing out, he heads out to the mountains himself: to find out what is actually happening. Nr. 1. Best Seller. 130.000 copies

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Foreign rights

Balans, Netherlands
Albert Bonniers Förlag, Sweden
People’s Press, Denmark
Dumont Reiseverlag, Germany
Tanapaev, Estonia
Greystone Books, World English
Baldini & Castoldi/La Nave di Teseo, Italy
Ikar, Slovakia
Host, Czech Republic
Henamu/Bookhouse, Korea
Aula & Co, Finland
Glénat Editions, France