KlompeLOMPE's Winter Children

Torunn Steinsland & Hanne A. Hjelmås

KlompeLOMPEs Vinterbarn
J.M.Stenersen 2018
Non-Fiction / Hobby/Hand craft
30000 Words

Product sheet (PDF)

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This book contains patterns for a number of lightweight garments that children can wear during autumn and winter seasons. The garments are knitted using fine Merino wool and cotton-blend yarn, which means that they are neither itchy nor too warm.

Here you will find more than 40 completely new KlompeLOMPE garments for babies and children, boys and girls; quick garments such as hats and socks, and lovely simple cardigans and jumpers. Several of these items of clothing go well together. Why not knit a romper for your youngest and a matching dress for her big sister? Some of the patterns also have doll versions. Now both your son and his teddy can have a David cardigan.

Hanne Andreassen Hjelmås and Torunn Steinsland are the women behind online store and Instagram profile KlompeLOMPE. They design the garments and develop the patterns together, and Hanne takes all the pictures. Hanne and Torunn have previously had four bestselling knitting books published in the KlompeLOMPE series. 250,000 copies of the books have been printed in total by publisher J.M. Stenersen Forlag.

Foreign rights

Gummerus, Finland
People’s Press, Denmark
Schifferbooks, USA WE