KlompeLOMPE, Knitwear for Hiking

Torunn Steinsland & Hanne A. Hjelmås

KlompeLOMPE, Turstrikk
J. M. Stenersen Forlag.M. Stenersen Forlag 2021
Hobby / Hobby, hand craft

Product sheet (PDF)

Klompelompe turstrikk 9788272017148

Out on a hiking trip with KlompeLOMPE!

In this new, beautiful book, KlompeLOMPE, Knitwear for hiking, you will find lovely patterns for all sorts of knitwear for active families on a hiking trip. Whether you are going to the mountains, to the sea, out in the woods, curl up in a hammock or if you are going out skiing, you will find a garment that suits the trip, regardless of the season. In this new book you’ll find patterns for thick and thin sweaters, hats, socks, seat pads and much more in different levels of difficulty .The garments are for both children, women and men. The beautiful photos from the nature of Western Norway provide extra inspiration to plan new hiking experiences. With a home-knitted garment from KlompeLompe, both children and adults will stay warm during the hiking trip.

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Forlagid, Iceland
Gummerus, Finland
Les Editions de Saxe, Frankrike
Stiebner Verlag, Germany