A Healthier Life and a Slimmer Waist in Twelve Weeks

Berit Nordstrand

12 Uker
Gyldendal Forlag 2014
Non Fiction / Cookbook /Health/Lifestyle

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12 uker til et sunnere liv og en smalere midje

Learn how to change your diet following Berit’s method

Berit Nordstrand is quite an educator when the topic is diet and nutrition. She is a trained doctor, mother of six and a true epicurean who has worked with drug rehabilitation, as a therapist and as a chief physician in pharmacology.

In the book A Healthier Life and a Slimmer Waist in Twelve Weeks she leads us through a transformation, a change of diet and attitude that will ultimately enable us to lose that dangerous belly fat.

Stage by stage the book tells us what to eat and what to avoid. This diet is not based on calorie counting, but on making a plan for how you can change your diet and fill your stomach with food that will increase your metabolism and safeguard your health. In the book you will find more than 60 mouth watering recipes to help you establish a new diet based on Berit’s key principles.

This is the way to lose 5-10 kilos and increase your energy level in only twelve weeks.

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