Pure Delight

Berit Nordstrand

Ren Nytelse
Gyldendal Forlag 2021
Non Fiction / Cookbook/Health/Lifestyle

Product sheet (PDF)

Ren nytelse

88 new anti-inflammatory recipes

In Pure Delight you will find 88 new, enticing anti-inflammatory recipes. By eating the food from this book for 30 days, you will give your health a restart. You will strengthen your gut bacteria flora and reduce your body’s inflammation level, all while eating delicious food. Most people who complete this restart are rid of aches and pains, sleep better, and have more energy. You may also end up a few kilos lighter around the middle, with improved memory and mood. The diet can heal leaky gut and relieve symptoms of lifestyle-related diseases. It can also have a positive effect for many people with autoimmune diseases – look for the AIP symbol in the book.
Berit’s goal is to minimize health risks through a lifestyle that incorporates pure, natural foods that make you feel good.
If you want to really dive in to Berit’s theory of anti-inflammatory food, you should read RESET30, which was on the bestseller lists for more than half of 2020.
Berit Nordstrand is a physician with 25 years of clinical experience, lecturer, and bestselling author – and she loves good food.