Aubergine and Tahini

Vidar Bergum

Aubergine og tahini.Hverdagsmat fra Tyrkia, Midtøsten og bortenfor
Cappelen Damm 2020
Non Fiction / Cookbook
Norwegian PDF

Product sheet (PDF)


Aubergine & tahini has been a commercial success in Norway, where it quickly achieved best-seller status and is currently in its 5th print.

Most are familier with the kebabs and meze, but the true gems of Turkish and Middle Eastern cooking are the dishes that people cook at home, passed down from one generation to another. Aubergine & Tahini – Everyday Food from Turkey, the Middle East & beyond takes you on a journey through the home cooking of Turkey, the Middle East and neighbouring cuisines. The book is centred around 90 delicious recipes that are simple to make, with most being ready in thirty minutes or less. But the book is more than a collection of recipes, being bound together by inspiring anecdotes and insights into the local food culture and traditions, based on the author’s experience of living in Istanbul for several years and travelling the region.

The recipes in the book have been carefully selected to be easily replicated with ingredients available in most countries, and remain true to the authentic flavours of the region. The book covers a broad range of dishes, from breakfasts to salads, soups, stews and baked goods. A special chapter is dedicated to the region’s social food, such as manti (Turkish dumplings) and dolma (stuffed vine leaves), which is often made together by a group of friends of family memnbers. In keeping with the vegetable forward approach in the region’s cuisines, the books is suitable for vegetarians and meat eaters alike.

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