Positive Birth Experience

Line Sloper Svanevik

Positiv Fødsel
Frisk Forlag 2021
Non Fiction / Health
Full Norwegian pdf, English presentation

Product sheet (PDF)

Positiv fødsel omslag

A birth revolution
For centuries, women have been told that child birth is truly awful — something we simply have to pull through and hopefully survive. But what if I told you there was a better way to approach birth? What if you could even become excited about giving birth, because you’ve got the right information, support and strategies to help you through whatever comes your way.You wouldn’t do an exam without studying, or run a marathon without having trained. So why do women give birth without preparing for the most important day of their lives?

In the book you can read more about: The best tips and advice from the popular birth preparation course Positive Birth. Breathing techniques and mental tools. Concrete tips that make the mother and partner a super team during the birth. Relaxation exercises that strengthen the feeling of calm and self-confidence during pregnancy and during birth.
Help writing a birth certificate. Advice on what questions to ask health professionals, and much more.

This book is for all women who want to take complete ownership of their birth, and give themselves the best chances of getting the birth experience they want — on their terms.