Farmgirl of Norway

Live Skinnes

Gardsliv -- ekte og eventyrlig
Kagge Forlag 2017
Non-Fiction / Lifestyle
English material soon available.

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WINTER: The blue hour / Forest in winter / Winter work at the farm / The animals / Snow scooter trip to the hunting cabin / All kinds of weather / Sheep fell sewing / Cradle song for the little ones / Bunad sewing (national costumes) / Apple cider for winter drinks / Swimming in icy water / Cross country skiing / Cosy winter nights with good friends / Horsehair for bird’s nest / Making food for winter birds / Making your own ignition briquettes of old candles / Homemade crisp bread / How frost can help clean the house / Cozy Easter

SPRING: Spring farming / 17th May National Day Party / Gardening and planting / Fire making / New lambs on the farm /Apple trees and bees / Herbs and stinging nettles / Wood chopping / Nymphs and anemone nemorosas / Mountain pastures / Birch sap tapping and detox tea / Forest planting / Windowsill herb planting / To build a greenhouse / Making willow hanks

SUMMER: Pressing hay / Straightening the storehouse / Kayak trips and horse riding / Fishing in fresh water / Midsummer feast / Making black currant juice / Your own raspberry and strawberry jam / Making juice based on willow herbs / Mountain trailing on horseback / Ice cubes with violets / Wedding

AUTUMN: Harvest / Blueberry harvest and blueberries smoothies / Dried tea / Crabbing / Hunting / Lamb in cale — National dish / Yoga “Farm style” / The world’s smelliest fish-party / Slaughter

CHRISTMAS: Making Christmas wreaths / Lucia celebration / Cookies, cakes and bread for Christmas / Chopping your own Christmas tree in the forest / Porridge for Santa in the barn / Decorating for Christmas / Christmas eve and the days before New Years Eve